Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Cure (from I-S Magazine) – Part 2

Source: I-S Magazine Oct 24, 2008 Issue

Excerpts Only.

Over Complaining: Another magic pill is required here, and the cost of researching and developing this pill will carry into the millions. But the cost must not deter us, for we have to find some way of dealing with the abundant whiners all around us; Like its distant cousin Pessimism, Over Complaining is highly infectious and airborne. Yikes!

market2garden: There’s no such thing as Over Complaining, it is our right to do the right thing, i.e. fix the matter to our desire – a universal weakness of humanity.

MRT Unruliness: Let’s be clear about one thing: If unchecked, this disease has the potential to descend into an unhindered epidemic. Bringing this country to its knees. Twenty-five million will buy enough Taser guns and security men to get the rush hour argy-bargy-cannot-understand-the-concept-of-letting-passengers-alight-first mob under control.

market2garden: This unruliness will be worsened as global economy heads south, there will be more and more commuters.

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