Friday, October 31, 2008

The Cure (from I-S Magazine)

Source: I-S Magazine Oct 24, 2008 Issue

Excerpts Only.

Submissiveness: A cool $10 million to develop capsules to combat this yes-sir, unquestioning culture that’s rampant throughout Singapore. Let chaos, ideas and discussion reign from hereon in; let’s once and for all say goodbye to the lethargic, deadpanned look we usually give whenever out superiors ask: “any questions?”

market2garden: Obviously, I’m not, right from my first entry of the blog. I like to voice out, and unafraid of my opinion different from others. Stay open-minded is the key to life.

Shopaholism: Fifty million to be spent towards the development of a serum for injecting into out bloodsteam to nix our hyper-consumptive habits in the bud. Sure, shopping is fine and all that, but it should not be our only filler between work and sleep. There are nice parks out there for us to go and chill in;.

market2garden: Yes, there can be a lot of things to do to fill the gap, these are the options: Watching videos, or listening to music, or enjoying photos. Feeling nostalgia, visit here. Or only have got a limited of time just for a quick glance of photos.

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